I am a developer who gives a damn.

I am a dev who gives a damn.

rebecca reese


I'm a developer looking to become part of an innovative product team focused on intuitive user experiences.

From sketching to wireframes to prototyping and writing code, I'm driven by curiosity to engage with teams and creative concepts.

I bring over a decade of experience from digital photo studios and agencies.

You can reach me at her@rebeccaportfol.io

Site redesign for architect firm
Site redesign for architect firmclose

Technologies I used: UX, Custom WordPress, Sketch

The redesign of the Abode website is a simplistic interactive experience about new homes and developments in the heart of Atlanta. I was responsible for consulting UX features, testing and managing full scope on this project (with the help of a talented designer and developer).

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Site redesign and migration
Site redesign and migrationclose

Technologies I Used: UX, Shopify, SEO, VPN, Unfuddle, Photoshop

Lumity is a health supplement product in the United Kingdom and United States. While overseeing daily maintenance, testing and ongoing client goals, I was responsible for consulting the new redesign site migration (from the initial beautiful site) to a CMS friendly version for both markets. Managing a team of developers, I worked closely with the client to establish efficient processes and refactoring to improve UX strategy and site performance.

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Product managing financial lender tools
Product managing financial lender toolsclose

Technologies I Used: WordPress, Node, Salesforce, APIs, UX, Sketching, Prototyping, Invision, Conceptual + Technical Planning

Probably one of my favorite technical projects. Working with multiple time zones and international teams to design new features and implement multiple code environments, I was responsible for advancing team progress, pair programming, daily ticketing and status reporting.

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Strong-Bridge Consulting redesign
Strong-Bridge Consulting redesignclose

Technologies I Used: Wordpress, JS, UX, Invision, Prototyping, Unfuddle

From creative to code execution, I worked closely supporting a talented designer and development team to execute a redesign of the new Strong-Bridge Consulting website.

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Responsive campaign marketing site
Responsive campaign marketing siteclose

Technologies I Used: Responsive SASS, Javascript

Built from scratch, this is a responsive page prototype to test a gender-neutral branding extension for the Schick Razor Shave Club. If the Homepage and Grooming Tips page were chosen for real execution, I would refactor the code considerably but it is a quick, playful demo of responsive content.

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Programming math puzzle code sample
Programming math puzzle code sampleclose

Technologies used: UX, Vanilla Javascript

Designed to be a fun programming math equation, I built this quick form to calculate a date that is 10^n days after the day you were born and outputs your age and next to-the-tenth-power birthday.

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JSON driven code sample
JSON driven code sampleclose

Technologies I used: JSON, Ajax, Vanilla Javascript, npm

I built this example from scratch of a responsive site navigation driven by an AJAX request (using Vanilla Javascript) and JSON data.

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AR campaign animation
AR campaign animationclose

Technologies I Used: UX, Greensock, Parallax.js, Javascript + jQuery, Animations

This is a fun project that pitched an animated experience when a user scans an AR image from Pop Secret product packing with their mobile device. The image triggers this promotional mobile animation as the user pops their Pop Secret Popcorn in the microwave.

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Touch screen museum kiosk experience
Touch screen museum kiosk experienceclose

Technologies I used: HTML5, SASS, Javascript + jQuery, Custom Framework

Built for a 42" touch screen experience, I (with the help of a talented designer) developed for the art patrons of Tate Liverpool's Exhibit, Mondrian and His Studios. This experience allows users to stand before the kiosk and swipe through a digital story about the artist in the exhibition hall of the museum. We built a custom grid framework inspired by the artistic style of Mondrian's work. Screens include a welcome screen, menu, stories of the artist's historical studios and an interactive studio where the user can create their own Mondrian inspired art with draggables and send to friends or post to social platforms.

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